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Make your Kitchen, As Pharmacy!

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What We Do

We offer personalized dietitian services to help you reduce weight and manage chronic illnesses through Indian Spices and Functional foods,  tailored to your body type and lifestyle.

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How We Do

Losing weight :

Providing low-calorie density meals with the right combination of macro and micro nutrients so you feel energized and do not crave junk food

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Treating chronic conditions :

Providing functional foods with medicinal properties that can help your disease heal and reduce the need for prescription medications

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Why We Do

We Don't Want You To

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Our Expertise

Diploma in Dietetics, Health, and Nutrition (Government approved certification) comprising of​ :-

  • Nutrition : Functions / Sources / Deficiencies / Toxicity.

  • Food science : About Cereals / Pulses / Fruits / Vegetables / Dairy / Fats / Sugar.

  • Dietetics : Meal planning / Dietary Therapy for Infancy to Old age including Pregnancy and Lactation.

  • Anatomy & Physiology : Body Part Structure / Functions / Digestion mechanism / metabolism and its Malfunctions.

  • Therapeutic Nutrition : Diet planning for Cardio Vascular Disorder / Diabetes / Thyroid / Obesity / PCOS / Pregnant / Lactation.

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Our Terms

  • Cheques are not accepted

  • No Refunds on 4 week course

  • No refunds for 12 week membership once we prepare the 'Week 1 Diet schedule'

  • The service is non-transferable

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Hall of Achievers

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Our Reviews

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