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Make Your Kitchen, as Pharmacy !

Think twice about achieving your health goals through medication or supplements

Or Are you already in any of these categories ?

In India, Diabetics has grown from 3.26 cr (in 2000) to 7.41 cr (in 2021) & expected to reach 12.4 cr by 2045

India is home to 199 million adults in Jan 2022 with elevated BP and hypertension is one of the most important drivers of the rising mortality and disability associated with cardiovascular diseases

In India, more than 135 million individuals were affected by obesity and it is a major risk factor in contributing to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

1 in 10 adults in India suffer from thyroid disorder and 1/3 of hypothyroid patients may be suffering from constipation

A large scale survey conducted across India in 2020, 16% of women respondents between the ages of 20 and 29 years suffered from PCOS due to unhealthy eating patterns and irregular exercise

As per the survey conducted across India, about 29% of the respondents who suffered from cholesterol problems in 2020 were seniors aged above 60 years. Teens accounted for about 9%, while young adults accounted for 6%

Functional food

provides the solution to every health condition.

See How ..

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Krishi Somanna SS

Dietitian, Lifestyle management consultant and a Digital Coach

Hi, I am the creator of the KITCHEN HEALING MASTERY program, which consists of 4 Levels

These video courses are affordable and explain in detail about various chronic and non-chronic illnesses, how each of the health issues are inter linked, thereby offer natural remedies through functional foods to any major health problem which can be resolved through your Kitchen.

We gather people who are seeking support, immediate help, or want to share their experiences with health problems that can benefit society as a whole. So, each one of us, can be medically aware and resolve health issues in the most efficient, cost-effective way by joining our VIP community (by invitation only)

Through these courses, you will be taught how to transform your unhealthy lifestyle into a healthier one through the power of natural, local and seasonal foods which is a long-term and sustainable strategy and not by medications or supplements, that logically everyone can agree on. 

Our company's goal is to revolutionize healthy living and to disrupt the medical system in India by educating each individual on the right approach towards a nutritious lifestyle.

If you're looking for a better version of yourself, then you're at the right place and I am very much looking forward for you to learn, execute and spread this awareness 



Diabetes Mellitus




Cardio Vascular


Hyper Tension




Post-Covid Recovery

Diploma in Dietetics, Health, and Nutrition (Government approved certification) comprising of​ :-

  • Nutrition : Functions / Sources / Deficiencies / Toxicity.

  • Food science : About Cereals / Pulses / Fruits / Vegetables / Dairy / Fats / Sugar.

  • Dietetics : Meal planning / Dietary Therapy for Infancy to Old age including Pregnancy and Lactation.

  • Anatomy & Physiology : Body Part Structure / Functions / Digestion mechanism / metabolism and its Malfunctions.

  • Therapeutic Nutrition : Diet planning for Cardio Vascular Disorder / Diabetes / Thyroid / Obesity / PCOS / Pregnant / Lactation.


Years of Experience

350 +

Friends (Clients)

2500 +

Kgs weight lost


Friends either stopped or reduced medical dosage


Effective for most of the diseases


Few of the WhatsApp messages ..

Udaya Kondapalli

Udaya A.jpeg


While struggling to loose weight during this pandemic, I met Krishi & Naveen through a referral. Trust me, it was more than loosing weight. They teach, understand your medical conditions and life style, suggest, motivate, available almost round the clock. I would definitely recommend them if your are willing to loose weight with a "dash of effort" which becomes your lifestyle later.

Thanks for being sweet and helping during my journey. I enjoyed and learnt if not all at-least 50% which I was able to follow in past few days by myself. 

Do keep in touch and I will keep referring you if I come across ppl who are interested. 

I wish you both good luck and have a successful career and life a head.

Kitchen Healing Mastery

1 KHS.jpg

Level 1

Learn everything about Nutrition and its magical effectiveness for your medical conditions

misc LSF 0.jpg

Level 2

28 Days Trial Implementation mode. Execute your learnings from Level 1 course

3 CHT.jpg

Level 3



Time to transform yourself in next 3 to 6 months


Level 4



Become a Master in Nutrition by enrolling for an annual subscription

under each course

The jaw-dropping special discount is

offered at our webinars, only for 'Action Takers'

Be there !

All course levels
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Reserving a seat will begin your transformation

We learn the most, when we learn together. The best learning takes place when like-minded people come together and challenge each other to do better. Sign up today and be a part of our exclusive FACEBOOK VIP community (by Invite only)


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