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Frequently asked questions
  • When Should I Contact Nutritionist/dietician?
    You must always approach a Nutritional counsellor, if you : Not gaining weight or gaining weight fast For having a Digestive Problems for a long time You're Pregnant or Trying to Get Pregnant to ensure you and your baby is getting what it needs. You want to reduce weight and maintain healthy lifestyle during/after lactation period. If you want any help managing medical conditions (like Diabetes, High Blood pressure or other Chronic Diseases) and requires immediate Nutritional attention You are working out hard at Gym but not yielding desired results, feels low in energy, after workout dizziness and so on. If you're caring for an Ageing Parent If you need practical lifestyle advise, or have nutritional deficiency, If Your Teenager Has Issues with Food and Eating Healthy foods. When You Overeat or Binge when You Feel EmotionalIf your doctor recommends. “A Nutritionist/Dietitian is trained to help you learn healthy behaviours and habits as well as identify harmful ones. They can help you understand the science behind how food fuels your body, how to achieve balance in your food choices, and provide accountability to keep you on track"
  • How Many Kg/s can I Lose in a Week?
    Ideally, You can lose up to 1 kg/week, Anything more than that, we might sweat you out and tie your hands for hardcore Diet. However, We do not believe in the fast process of losing weight, as it might turn tables upside down or you will gain the weight back as fast as you lost the weight. As we all know, there are no shortcuts for success. Slow and steady preps your body to adjust to the new metabolism and from there on, you can reduce the weight at good pace. The results can only be seen after a month, provided you follow one of our Thumbrule : "Be Strict on your schedule". And 'Yes', Good news is that, Average weight loss is 3 to 4 kgs per month
  • Why the Cost of a Diet Plan cost varies?
    The Diet cost at Nutri Physician for Medical conditions is much higher than the non-medical conditions, as the Diet requires special attention and follow ups for each cases to pin down to the root cause, and streamline eating habbits.
  • Can I choose the Diet tenure Myself ?
    Yes, You can. However, It depends on the Nutritionist/Dietician to suggest you the ideal turnaround time for your personality and the goal prescribed
  • How Do You Track the Diet Schedule Provided to Us?
    We maintain and provide access to your Diet schedule link, where the client updates their progress on a daily basis. Client can ☑ the items they have completed for the day and comment on missed ones in 'Remarks' column. This way, Nutri Physician will be able to track your calorie intake for the day/week/month. This data also helps us to analyse on why you/we missed our Goal, what went right and what went wrong !
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